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  • Fuji Absolute 1.3 Disc - 2016

    Fuji's Absolute 1.3 Disc lives at the intersection of style, comfort and performance. Whether you’re cruising to an afternoon yoga class or heading out for an epic ride,… [more]

  • Fuji Silhouette 1.7 Disc-Women's - 2016

    Relive that childhood feeling of freedom when you hop on Fuji’s Silhouette 1.7 Disc. Lightweight, quick, and comfortable, the women’s aluminum frame and fork turn your… [more]

  • Fuji Traverse 1.5 Disc - 2016

    Add a little dirt to your regular fitness routine with Fuji’s Traverse 1.5 Disc. No matter where you ride, the nimble aluminum frame and fast-rolling 700c wheels get you… [more]

  • Sun Bicycles Cruz 3 - Women's - 2016

    Across campus or around town, Sun's Cruz 3 will get you there in style. The agile aluminum frame boasts classic lines for a cool, old-school flavor. And, the 3-speed… [more]

  • Fuji Sportif 2.3 - 2016

    Whether you’re flying past feed stations on a century ride or ripping your favorite post-work loop, the Fuji Sportif 2.3 keeps you comfortable while happily obliging… [more]

  • Fuji Traverse 1.7 Disc - 2016

    Fuji's Traverse 1.7 Disc is the perfect mix of road speed and mountain bike control. No matter where you ride, the nimble aluminum frame and fast-rolling 700c wheels get… [more]

  • KHS Smoothie - 2015

    KHS's Smoothie is a super comfortable bike you'll love for all types of riding. It features a lightweight aluminum frame that places you in a comfortable upright riding… [more]

  • Fuji Sportif 2.1 - 2016

    You’ll be ready for anything the road brings with Fuji’s Sportif 2.1. The A2-SL double-butted aluminum frame has a back-friendly geometry and elongated wheelbase for… [more]

  • Fuji Finest 2.3 - Women's - 2016

    Whether you’re looking for long weekend excursions or want to ditch the car and turn your daily commute into the highlight of your day, Fuji’s Finest 2.3 is ready to… [more]

  • KHS SixFifty 2500 - 2015

    KHS’s SixFifty 2500 is ready for full days of fun, fast singletrack. The light, stiff, KHS double-butted 6061-aluminum frame responds to your every input over rocks and… [more]

  • Fuji Crosstown 1.3 Disc - 2016

    From urban cityscapes to quiet streets lined with manicured lawns, you’ll cruise in style and comfort on the Fuji Crosstown 1.3 Disc. Fuji’s aluminum frame is light and… [more]

  • Fuji Silhouette 1.9 Disc - Women's - 2016

    Designed specifically with women in mind with a shorter top tube and increased stand-over clearance, Fuji's Silhouette 1.9 Disc boasts a comfortable, snappy feel perfect… [more]

  • Fuji Crosstown 1.3 Disc LS - Women's - 2016

    A wonderful blend of comfort and agility makes Fuji's Crosstown 1.3 Disc Low-Step the perfect choice for a daily commute, a mellow trip to the beach, or even the quest… [more]

  • Sun Bicycles Cruz - 2016

    Sun's Cruz is light, quick, nimble, and durable to give you years of pedaling pleasure. The lightweight aluminum frame and steel fork combine for a smooth, snappy ride… [more]

  • KHS Smoothie - Women's - 2015

    KHS's Smoothie is a super comfortable bike you'll love for all types of riding. It features a lightweight aluminum easy on/off women's frame, that places you in a… [more]

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Today's Tip

Beware Derailleur Damage! - One of the most common glitches, especially for off-road riders, is falling over or dropping the bike and bending the derailleur. When this happens, you might not notice. It's important to notice however, because once the derailleur is bent, bad things can happen such as shifting into the spokes, which may ruin the derailleur and might seriously damage the rear wheel and frame. Signs of a bent derailleur include sudden hesitation shifting into harder gears and clicking noises when you're on your largest cog (shift out of this gear immediately if you hear this sound because the derailleur is hitting the spokes and may get pulled into the wheel at any moment). If you notice these problems, bring your bike in immediately for us to check it out.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

Also "full tuck," this is getting as low as possible over the handlebars to reduce wind resistance as much as possible. Usually used on long hills to leave friends behind.

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